Hanging Storm Trooper air plant

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Hanging Storm Trooper air planter, this is a idea my girlfriend came um with she really wanted a baby Elephant hanging in her car so I had to have a hanging Storm Trooper in my truck for sure and I have a glow in the dark one that has a red tint to it.

The hanging air planter are made for indoor use but they can be used in a car as well. (as long as your state alowes it)

If you do hang in your car please keep a mindfull eye on your air plant depending on the temp inside your car thoughout the day your water schedule may very.

When hanging air plants in you car make sure only 2 water plant at night or when car is cooled off for a few hours, if you live in a hot area where its hot at night may be a good idea 2 bring plant in give it a dunk in water let dry out and place back in car the next day.