Rapid Prototype

There is 3 main types of payment options for a prototype

  1. Level #1

    Is a small item and the file is sent us.

  2. Level #2

    Is a small item but need a small bit of custom programming

  3. Level #3

    This option is for most special projects anything over a unspecific size will be a custom price.

  4. Level #4

    This option can not be bought dirctly from site yet, this will be a very detailed job with large and high quality needs.

This item is for people that need something rapid prototype most of the time we go over project and perfect item before customer pays so if u see this and have not talk to the ATeam about the job you would like done please do not buy!

If you have a .STL or 3D file u want 3dPrinted Email us and lets make it happen!

Email us for all questions ATeamLaser@gmail.com